Referral Madness

Letter from the Chairman of Intel Corporation


“Thank you again for working your magic!”
Jade, Paul and Ozzy

“This is written to benefit anyone in the Santa Cruz area that is planning to sell their home. We have sold homes at least ten times during our lifetime and we were not really ready to endure the process again. Thankfully we got Tom’s name from an acquaintance and he turned out to be the most professional salesperson we have ever encountered. His counsel in preparing and pricing the property along with his evaluation of prospects and bids allowed us to close the sale with no problems within 45 days. He was always there for us to explain all the nuances of the sales process and help us conquer the fears prevalent in today’s marketplace.”
Ken and Jan

“Tom, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the efficient and professional manner in which you carried out the sale of my condo. It was a pleasure having someone take care of this matter for me whom I felt I could trust. It’s no surprise that you are #1 in sales. The integrity you carry as a person overflows into your business and creates fertile soil for the success you enjoy. Thank you so much. God Bless You.”

“Even though I’m surrounded by boxes that are waiting to be unpacked, I feel I must take a few moments to thank you for your professional yet personable handling of the sale of our Aptos home. Both Gary and I appreciated your ability to foresee the slightest of problems. You were always present to oversee the clearing of any obstacles that might have slowed down the sale. You were ready and willing to help us every step of the way. We can only say that we would be proud and confident to recommend you as a top-notch Realtor to any of our friends who may want to buy or list a home. ”
Gary and Gail

“I usually don’t write laudatory letters but after leaving the area and having to deal with other Realtors, I feel compelled to let you know how much we appreciated your efforts. There are, in my opinion, two major things that set you apart. First, you wouldn’t sell us just “any” house in order to make a sale. Even though we weren’t sure what we were looking for, you asked enough questions that you were able to pretty much zero in on what we wanted. After narrowing things down, I think you showed us every property in the county that came close to our expectations. I returned to Southern California several times and told my friends that I probably knew Santa Cruz County better than Orange County. The second characteristic that makes you special is that you don’t just say what you think wants to be heard. You have definite opinions about the different properties i.e., ‘Yes, this would probably work for you, but right now it is overpriced.’ One of the reasons I chose to work with an agent is that I am no expert in real estate. However, I do expect the person I choose to be an expert. It is their experience, market “feel” and opinions that help me make a decision. You are excellent in this realm. Overall, I could not recommend you more highly. Thanks for all your help.”

“I wanted to thank you again for your excellent work in the listing and sale of my town home. This was certainly the easiest and the best real estate transaction that I have ever been involved with. I attribute the success directly to you.”
Charles Halliday

“I want to thank you for the personal attention, energy and time you provided during my house search. Your ability to listen and really understand my needs, lifestyle and personal tastes made all the difference in making the right choice.”
Don Morrison

“Thank you for all your efforts in helping us with the purchase of our new home! It’s better than wonderful and we couldn’t have done it without your encouragement and your steady hand.” —Sue

“Thank you, thank you, thank you… brought me through another and probably the most important purchase of my life. You are great! I feel lucky having you for an Agent and a friend.” —Kathy

“Thanks just barely conveys our feelings to you. For all your patience and perseverance we are both happy and grateful.”
N and S

“I wanted to thank you formally for everything you have done for me. I have worked with several real estate agents in the past so I have a good basis of comparison when I say that you are by far the best agent I have ever worked with.”

“Thanks for selling our condo in a very difficult market. Your calm assessment of the choices available to us as Sellers helped us make a wise and unpressured decision. You always had our best interests in mind so our trust in you was a very natural thing.”
Mike and Maria

“Thank you for all your help and sound advice in searching out and finding our dream house. Benjamin and I really needed your calm, reassuring manner to get us through this “nerve-wracking” period.”

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