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As a Realtor, I work with people every day, who are in the process of finding their way through some major life transition:  death, divorce, the birth of twins, old age, coming of age, illness, job loss, financial stress – you name it. It’s all there and will always be there because home is the sacred place of sanctuary that holds and nurtures us physically and psychically through the ongoing passages of this amazing journey.

Real estate is sometimes a sobering experience. It is sometimes a joyful and inspiring one.  We, who are mindful in our profession, bear daily witness to the good, the bad and the ugly (and everything in between) of human nature and the human condition. We watch people stare down their fears. We see them conjure an incredible litany of what-ifs. Sometimes we see them succumb to their greed.  Other times we watch them rise in triumph and grace when they speak through action with an amazing eloquence imbued with a remarkably clear connection to their own emotions.

Most importantly…this work is an ongoing learning experience that propels us right to the head of the class in the school of life. Those Realtors who miss the opportunity to glean life’s most important lessons from both observing and helping their clients through difficult transitions and times of change are unfortunately missing the most important part of their own experience as “real” people.

Seeing so many people wrestle with their inner demons at the same time they try to navigate the maze of complexities in the real estate world either makes one more cynical and jaded or more heart-centered and appreciative of the blessings we have.  As a Realtor, I choose the latter. I have made a commitment to walk the walk with my waking self if I am going to spend eight or more hours a day talking the talk.

The following is a selection of musings written over the years about what it means to be a Realtor…

Real Estate as Soul Work

Becoming Emotional Ballast



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