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Enter this secure area of information at your own risk.  While I have sold bazillions and bazillions of dollars worth of real estate and more homes than anyone can shake a significant shtick at, I have some thoughts and opinions that don’t exactly conform to the “norm”  of real estate.


I don’t wear the perpetual ‘smiley-face button’ of salesmanship on my Gucci lapel like many other real estate agents do.  I don’t place the shark fin extendo accessory on the top of my BMW every morning before I go out to cruise neighborhoods in search of a killing.


It’s not about the deal at all. It’s about the heart of the deal.


Things are not always good in Real Estate. Or bad. Or paradoxically…either.  Sometimes they are both.  Or neither.


That’s why I run a secret desert deprogramming center for desperate Realtors who are hooked on and way too caught up in whatever the success paradigm du jour happens to be.  Whether they know it or not.


My goal is to infect everyone with a friendly virus that bypasses their own immune systems – over-protective in a rote sort of way,  making them sadly routinely immune to the beautiful and mysterious complexity of both the outer world of real estate  and the inner landscape of their own deeper selves.


So…proceed on your own recognizance into my Real Estate of Mind. It’s been scratching beneath the surface and provoking thoughts each week for more than 16 years…


- Tom


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