Agent of Change

If you are on this site you are probably also at some point along the path of buying or selling a home. Perhaps you are just starting out and have a modicum of curiosity. Perhaps you are already in the thick of it, actively engaged in the process. Or perhaps you are nearing completion and can feel yourself heading down the home stretch.

Suffice to say, you are at some stage of a major life transition that involves one of the largest and most significant assets you’ll ever own. Not to mention one that also invokes harder  to measure values like comfort, privacy, security, job, family – all those intrinsic quality of life considerations that go part and parcel with the notion of home.

Real People should never be taken lightly by Real Estate Agents. A home sale should never be thought of as just another “widget” driven off the assembly line of life.   Yes, I’ve compiled enough industry awards, accolades and sales achievements over the years to shake a significant schtick at.  If I hung them all up on the wall, I’d probably have enough of a serious “plaque” problem to elicit an emergency call from my dental hygienist!

But home…shelter…sanctuary… are at the core of what I do. Those are the issues I am most interested in exploring.  I hope you can discern the difference between being someone’s client and being their customer.   And appreciate what it means to be the beneficiary of a committed service relationship rather than a patently-hyped sales pitch.  And that you have a strong preference for working with an experienced professional rather than a transitory salesperson engaged in a fleeting trade -  here today, gone tomorrow.

-  Tom

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Tom Brezsny
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