You're Not Alone In Your Loan Process

Unless you have some secret supply of manna from heaven and you are searching for a home, you ought to be searching for some financing to go along with it.  You can click on Estate of Mind and read some of my past columns on lender-related issues when you have time, but right here, right now, I just have a couple of things to say:

First, there is no secret stash of money that is somehow cheaper than someone else's stash of money.  If a loan sounds to good to be true it is.  Use your common sense. Don't get baited and then switched by following your own inner greed.  Most loans and most loan programs aren't that much different from each other, going from lender to lender - they sometimes just sound different because different mortgage folks use different language and buzzwords to explain things.

Second, what you are looking for in terms of a loan representative/mortgage broker is someone you can trust.  Someone who communicates well.  Has the time to spend with you to explain things.  Has a service orientation to what they do rather than a wham bam thank you ma'am approach to putting one more loan in a vast queue of loans in the hopper.

Not every mortgage broker is the same. Not every mortgage broker is right for every borrower. Some personalities and styles work better with some buyers than others.  My encouragement is to shop local, from the following list of lenders and look for someone whom you feel good about as a person and as a professional. I've worked with all of the folks below and I recommend them all.  If you need further feedback to help you make a decision, don't hesitate to call or e-mail me.

Click on some of the following links and you'll find mortgage calculators and lots of interesting tools and information to help you get more familiar with the process. And as I always say, if you are going to own your own home, you have to first start by owning your own process.

Mark Junod - First Horizon (831) 476-7880 ext. 121

Clark Codiga - Redwood Capital (831) 460-1711

Stephanie Woodward - Woodward O'Connor  (831) 479-3303

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Los Gatos - Willow Glen - Saratoga
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