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If you are on this web site you are undoubtedly at some level of the home buying or home selling process - either just starting out with a modicum of curiosity, actively engaged in the middle of your search or nearing your completion. Suffice to say, You are at some stage of considering a major life transition that involves one of the largest and most important assets you'll ever own - not to mention comfort, privacy, security, job, family and all the other intrinsic quality of life considerations that go part and parcel with the home you'll choose to buy or sell.

Real Estate and Real People shouldn't be taken lightly by Real Estate Agents. Home sales shouldn't be talked or thought of as another widget driven off the assembly line of life.  Yes, I've compiled enough industry awards, accolades and sales achievements to shake a significant shtick at.  And if I hung them all up on the wall I'd probably have enough of a serious "plaque" problem to elicit an emergency call from my dental hygienist.

But home....refuge....shelter....sanctuary are at the core of what I do. Homes have many meanings. Young, old, single, children, family, homes are the places that nurture us as we evolve through all life's inevitable passages.

Perceive and appreciate the difference between being a client rather than a customer. Enjoy a true, committed service relationship rather than a finely-honed and hyped sales pitch.  Work with a caring and highly-trained professional practicing his profession instead of a transitory salesperson engaged in a fleeting trade - here today, gone tomorrow.....

Instead of reading one more same old same old virtual brag page seek out a real Agent of Change.


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